2009 DFI

 Flat 6 Innovations is home to the ONLY dedicated engine initiative to support the 2009 and later Porsche 9a1 DFI engines from an internal point of manipulation . With over four years of development with LN Engineering we have completed DFI 9a1 projects up to 4.2 liters. In fact, the 4.2 engine was our initial build as "aggressive development" was applied right out of the gate.

While others have spent their time attempting to "tune" the sub-systems of these engines, we have taken the opposite approach by re-developng the entire engine from the inside out. This has required the development of our own line of internal components as well as building our own assembly tools just to carry the work out.

The program was released in the December 2013 issue of Porsche Panorama Magazine (see page 66) as LN Engineering's "Cayman X" is featured in detail. The 4.2 liter Flat 6 Innovations engine powering "Cayman X" is the flagship of the Flat 6 Innovations engine program. Thats right, we were the first to 4.2 liters and the future is even BIGGER.

Here, Bob Chapman of Porsche Panorama shoots some photos for the December 2013 Cayman X expose.


Big bore engine packages offer full design, machining, assembly, installation, tuning, sub-systems and dyno/ break in service at a standardized price of 35,000 all-inclusive.

Note: these are not engine swaps! We are hand building the original engine from your car into a big bore, stroked beast and expending hundreds of hours of our lives to do so.

Just bolting some larger factory engine in may appeal to some, but thats to easy and too generic for us-


Jake Raby