Our Story

Raby Enterprises and Aircooled Technology was established in 1997, specializing in the Type 4 engine, used in the Porsche 914, a air-cooled, mid-engine predecessor of the Porsche Boxster. 

 When embarking upon our quest for a more highly developed variant of the Porsche 914 engine over a decade ago our response was the same. We have applied the things we have learned while recreating the former "Black sheep" Porsche 914 engine to our Boxster and 911 program. In just over a decade of intense development and application our efforts with the 914 engine have been recognized world wide, the 914 is no longer the "Black Sheep".

A target of scorn, the type 4 engine was the "black sheep" of the industry, ignored and misunderstood until Aircooled Technology, headed up by Jake Raby and a team of innovative hard-chargers changed its image. Raby and his team proved the type 4 could both provide performance and longevity, even rivaling six cylinder aircooled 911s of the time.

 Likewise, the modern horizontally opposed flat six engine used by Porsche in the Boxster and 911 is designed to be less expensive to mass-produce than the high-performance engines utilized in the 911 Turbo, GT2, and GT3. Porsche never intended the 986 and 996 engine to be the ultimate in performance, just as the type 4 was the lesser engine used in the 914, where Porsche fitted six-cylinder 911 engines in the 914-6.

Porsche currently offers rebuilt stock engines with trade-in of your tired or broken core engine, but offers nothing for a performance oriented package short of installing an X51 for almost an equal cost of the vehicle when new, still based off of the lesser 986 and 996 engine. Our program is intended to address known and yet to be discovered flaws in the 986 and 996 engines while providing upgrades to push the performance limits of these undervalued workhorses of the Porsche stable to further improve the reliability and desirability of these vehicles, including our 1998 2.5 Boxster.

Since the beginning of our program we have been constantly asked "Why are you doing this, Porsche sells new engines?" Our response to this is simple:

"They won't be doing it forever"...... And we can do it better, make it last longer and best of all it'll be faster! 

We do this trough intense development and hand assembly of each engine that we create. 

Jake Raby

Jake Raby's 1998 Porsche 2.5 Boxster, currently serving as the test bed for Flat Six Innovations engine and component development!

Jake Raby's 1998 Porsche 2.5 Boxster, currently serving as the test bed for Flat Six Innovations engine and component development!


We encourage those interested in what Flat 6 Innovations has to offer to visit our sister company, Aircooled Technology's website at http://www.aircooledtechnology.com/ to learn more about the pedigree that comes with parts and engines we offer as well as countless customer testimonials or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.