Driver’s Ed Track Packages

Driver’s Ed Track Packages



Competition Engines:

Please do not confuse this category of engines with our HPDE engines. Please see our Stage II and Stage III engine packages for your non-competition HPDE engine needs. 

If you have any other racing venue that you'd like to compete in, be it SCCA, PCA, POC, Grand Am or any other full competition application and you desire a custom configured race engine to be built we can handle the task for you. Simply give us a rule book and we'll gladly find the gray areas and we'll push the rules to the max for you. Reliability and longevity are always considered, because we know the race can't be won if you can't make it to the finish line.

Our competition engines start at 25,000.00 in turnkey complete, dyno optimized form. We do not offer any competition level engines for lesser figures than this and many are even more expensive. We do not offer sponsorships or discounts to competition racing applications. We do not rush to complete your engine for any reason and we do not accept additional funds to "expedite" our processes; that just rushed the failure of the car on the track. Please contact us ONE YEAR before you require our engine as it will take at least six months to create and maybe more.

If you'd like info on a custom engine for your M96 or M97 powered Porsche, simply email us for more details at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.