Due to concerns with our information being pirated, stolen and reposted on less informed, copy cat competitor's websites (and even their brochures) we have been forced to pull a tremendous amount of our specialized information from this website.

Due to this, the best way to receive information concerning the engines and specialized repair services that we offer is to schedule a phone consultation with Jake Raby directly. To schedule this phone chat or to receive basic information concerning our engine program please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our ordering process is a simple 13 step operation that is carried out professionally with excellent communication and full documentation of all services provided. We promise that you will never wonder where your engine stands and will receive constant updates while we are in-work with your project.

Here are the steps:

-Phone Consultation

-Tentative written proposal with estimated costs included (TBD based on tear down evaluation)

-Binder deposit invoiced (500.00)

-Vehicle shipping to Flat 6 Innovations

-Post-Mortem engine evaluation

-Extensive, application specific proposal with absolute costs included

-33% or 50% deposit invoiced, dependent upon repair or time line for reconstruction

-Engine reconstruction or repair is carried out

-Process documented

-Final invoice generated

-Engine extensively tested on-road and in our dyno lab

-17 point final inspection carried out

-Vehicle shipped back to the owner ready for years of reliable performance.

All that is required of you duiring these procedures is:

-Pay as agreed

-Promprtly return our emails and phone calls