Performance Engine Modifications

Stage I

The Flat 6 Innovations Stage 1 engine is our most popular. With this stage of engine reconstruction we upgrade the engine internals and can choose stock displacements or apply big bore cylinders for added performance at no added cost. The Stage 1 engine is designed completely around original equipment sub-systems and does not require ECU enhancements. At this stage of performance we can also utilize stock exhaust systems as well as stock intake arrangements, this allows the engine to remain 49 state Emissions compliant while enhancing longevity, reliability and performance.

The owners of most Stage 1 engines select this package due to the seamless integration of the engine into an otherwise unaltered vehicle. The longevity and reliability enhancements are high on the list of those who want to keep their car forever and are not concerned with monetary investments associated with doing so. The added performance of these engines is simply considered a byproduct of the added efficiency of our hand-assembly and superior components. LN Engineering Nickies cylinders are utilized for ALL Flat 6 Innovations as they solve problems and correctly allow for larger displacements. At this point, displacement is key to increasing useable power and flattening the torque curve for increased drivability and overall performance. With LN Engineering's proprietary aluminum alloy, which is up to 66% stronger and has twice the cooling capacity, larger bores can be done safely while improving longevity and reliability. Nikasil plating, as used in the 911 Turbo, GT2, and GT3, provides additional horsepower from reduced friction and improved wear characteristics over that of stock cylinder alloys. Starting in 1999 Raby Engine Development (the parent company of Flat 6 Innovations) started developing "Nickies" with LN Engineering; so the technology that we use in each engine is something that we know better than anyone else.

Stage 1 engines retain the OEM fuel economy averages and do not have any drive-ability issues or other negatives due to our modifications. STAGE 1 ENGINES ARE NOT RACE ENGINES! These engines are often driven daily and on long trips. From the outside, no one will ever be able to see or hear the difference of the Flat 6 Innovations engine package, but if you take them for a ride their head will be spinning from the smooth astonishing power and concentration of torque in the mid-RPM-range.

Put simply, a Stage 1 Flat 6 engine makes more power, doesn't break and features 100% USA made components coupled to hand-craftsmanship. Its bigger, faster and stronger, doing everything in a gentlemanlike manner; until the throttle is stabbed.

Displacement increases Available at Stage 1(liters)

-2.5 to 2.7
-3.2 to 3.6
-3.4 to 3.6
-3.6 to 3.8

Note: Stage 1 Engines are not prepared for DE or track activities in standard form, but can be outfitted with optional equipment for track service.

Stage II

Built with a focus on longevity and reliability on the track. Displacement is key to increasing useable power and flattening the torque curve for increased drivability and overall performance. All Stage II engines feature displacement increases of at least 200ccs over stock and a bare minimum of 30 additional HP and 20 lb/ft of torque.

We refer to Stage II engines as our "DE Package" which stands for "High Performance Driver's Education" events that are often held by local PCA regions at accomplished road courses across the US and Canada. Don't be fooled- Stage II engines can also be daily driven and live long lives on the street, just like their Stage I counterparts, they just go faster!

Stage II engines are bigger, badder and stronger than Stage I engines and are specifically prepared to withstand the rigors of track service. These engines feature more built in "options" to meet the demands on the track in regard to performance and longevity and we alter running clearances to promote longer durations of Hi-RPM performance. With things like LN Engineering billet connecting rods, compression ratio increases and mild cylinder head porting and polishing as standard, these are serious engines that generally make 45HP more than their factory prepped base engines.

Stage II engines don't always require ECU enhancements and we prefer to avoid them where possible. Generally the vehicles that already have aftermarket exhausts and intake systems will provide even more performance than those that do not. We will work with you on a one-on-one basis to ensure that the engine design that we configure for you fits best with the character of your Porsche, your driving style and the equipment that can be added to the engine, or might be pre-existing.

The typical purchaser of a Stage II engine likes performance, plans on track day fun and has a bit bigger wallet to achieve a bigger smile on his face. Often times a Stage II engine will handle years of track fun with only scheduled maintenance and our lubricant packages.

A Stage II engine doesn't have to be used for the track, we can configure it for routine driving as well. The choice is yours and we will design the engine just for you, from scratch. If you'd like more info on a Stage II package for your Porsche, please email or call us for a free consultation with Jake Raby.

Stage III

Now we are talking serious performance, but never fear- the engine is still configured around longevity and reliability. At Stage III the drive-ability is somewhat compromised to make way for more RPM potential; but the differences are hardly notable with our extensive engine design that has gone into this portion of our program.

Stage III engines feature all the same components and processes that go into our Stage I and Stage II engines and couple those to even stronger components, tighter dynamic balance tolerances and even more dedicated hours of hand assembly by a single pair of hands from start to finish.

Two primary portions of the engine are optimized with a Stage III package:

Cylinder Head Upgrades-Extensive Port & Polish

Head upgrades increase the engine's ability to breathe, thus increasing RPM range and performance capabilities. We have already proven that the stock M96 cylinder head has incredible flow right out of the box for it's bore size and engine size and that it's design won't allow any larger valves to be easily fitted. This stock head when coupled to our competition valve job, custom lightweight valves, improved spring pack and only polished ports reshaped only for port balance is capable of well over 50HP of performance gain. When added displacement is coupled to these heads the entire RPM range benefits from the gains and really has the balls that it should have had from the factory.

All that said, the M96/M97 heads are awesome, they are by far the best aspect of the engine, not offering very many modes of failure and not experiencing reliability or longevity issues outside of typical cracks that occur as collateral damage from failed water pumps. This makes it very easy for massive power to be made, but of course we must work to maintain drive-ability.

Camshaft upgrades

Now that you have more displacement, you can effectively run more camshaft lift and duration, to increase overall torque and peak horsepower. This is not a must, simply because the stock cam are more than enough for the added displacements of our engines, but applying modifications globally to an engine have proven to be most successful for us. This helps to extend RPM range, make more power and enhance power at all levels and conditions.

We have developed several camshaft profiles for the M96/M97 engines and are currently working on similar variants for the 9A1 based engines. These vary from very mild cams that retain drive-ability and simplicity while retaining hydraulic lifters, all the way to full race arrangements that shed the vario cam and hydraulic lifters for solid buckets that require manual adjustments.

The typical purchaser of a Stage III engine is an accomplished driver with a realistic budget thats necessary for purchasing an engine at the top of the food chain.

Stage IV

Stage IV Engines are full competition engines. We provide engines for Grand Am series vehicles as well as all SCCA, PCA and NASA classes of competition. All Stage IV engines are custom designed, feature all upgrades that are allowed by class rules and are created with an open checkbook.

For more information about of full competition race engines, please CLICK HERE.


Turbo Stages

Just Don't Do It..

Unlike other companies that will apply boost to a "box stock" engine, we discourage this. Thats simply due to our experience with these engines and the fact that in stock form, they don't hold up very well and under boost trouble is to be expected. The stock compression ratio is too high, the stock cylinders too weak and the stock cast pistons are paper thin, why would anyone ever apply forced induction to an engine with these issues?? We will not!

In fact, after our experiences we will not build an engine for turbocharging at all, even if it is updated with our components, processes and blessed.

 Our experiences prove that these forced induction kits are poorly developed and are nothing more than catalysts for inevitable failures.

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule an appointment to discuss your plans.

Shown below is an upgraded M96/ M97 engines fitted with proprietary LN Engineering "Nickies" billet Nikasil-plated aluminum sleeves. This is the basis of the best Flat 6 Engine available.

Rebuilt Boxster Block with Nickies nikasil-plated cylinders installed