Over 90% of our Clients are not located within driving distance from our Facility; so we rely heavily on shipping companies to get our raw products and parts to us, as well as getting the complete, new engine, transaxle, or complete "Powertrain package" or even a Porsche to its new home safely and timely. 

Due to our somewhat secluded location, most of our work is shipped in from various locations throughout the US and across the World. The shipping of your Engine or your entire Porsche is simple and cost effective and we can assist you with scheduling and logistics associated with this. Most all of our work is generated from vehicles and engines being shipped to us for our specialized services, so much that we became our own shipping broker to help extend cost  savings to you. We have shipped hundreds of engines and cars to and from our location over the years with great success.

A truckload of Porsches from across the US and Canada being delivered to Flat 6 Innovations. 

We ship engines & cars both in the US, Canada and internationally.
For more details about having your Porsche, or just it's engine shipped to us for our specialized services, please contact us.

Jake Raby