Saving an engine, IMS retrofit

Flat 6 Innovations coupled with LN Engineering in early 2000 to begin developing Porsche engines and components. In 2007 our team developed the first commercially available IMS Retrofit bearing released to the general public. In 2013 we released the IMS Solution, which is an omission of the original ball bearing design.
To support this initiative, Jake Raby developed the IMS Bearing Extraction tool and the associated procedure to allow for simplified IMS Retrofit procedures. Today too many shops are attempting to "save engines" after an IMS Bearing failure; but they are not proficient enough to realize that unless their practices are done correctly that the engine will fail again later. This is due to foreign object debris damage that takes out the replacement bearing, or due to collateral damages associated with the initial failure that may not have been apparent.
Now, years after history was broken at Flat 6 Innovations with the first IMS Bearing Retrofit being carried out, we find ourselves with "band wagon competitors" who have copied our procedures to offer their own under- developed products. Due to this we have removed all step by step content that this page of our website held previously.
We were the first. We are the pioneers that made the rest possible. We Invented it, and the US Patent has our names on it.
Jake Raby
Founder, President
Raby Engine Development